Django Frontend

After I initially released Django Frontend Static and Django Frontend Template, I didn’t like how they competed against each other instead of worked together. At the time I thought namespacing them along Django Frontend Skeleton to be same was a good idea…it wasn’t.

My personal style guide

A while ago I came across Harry Roberts’s article about his HTML/CSS coding style, which just happened to be around the time I was researching style guides for work. I decided for the time being a written style guide was overkill for our team, but I definitely have my own personal style that’s developed over the years.

Sass reusables

In my Should have kept it Sass-y article, I briefly mentioned and linked to a GitHub gist of Sass reusables that I wrote for my projects. While I’m sure most people who get far enough to see it will know what it’s all about, I wanted to include some explanations.

Should have kept it Sass-y

Truth be told, I hardly ever write plain CSS anymore (only if a project requires very little CSS or I’m updating an existing project without it.) Now Sass just feels more natural. It’s certainly more powerful and flexible. However, when I started updating this site I kind of wanted to write plain CSS for it…I soon regretted that decision.

Front-end quizzes

Throughout the years, I’ve trained several people (mostly students); however, like many other situations I often teach them HOW to do things not WHY do things. So as I was starting to train new students, I decided it was a good idea to put together some quizzes that ask why in addition to how. It also served as a pretty good refresher (or introduction) to other members of our team.

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