Face lift and tummy tuck

I’ve been planning/wanting to update my website for quite a while, but if there’s one thing in common with people who work on the web it’s that they often neglect their own website; be it due to time constraints, dealing with clients’ sites or a general lack of motivation, it’s just one of those things that often slips through the cracks.

Introducing Django Frontend Static and Django Frontend Template

Django Frontend Skeleton has been around for more than six months, picking up minor updates and patches along the way, but there were two instances where I think it fell short: when you only need a basic template without static files, and when you needed a lot more than the included static files. Based on those two needs, I’m glad to introduce Django Frontend Template and Django Frontend Static.

Django Frontend Skeleton

In a nutshell, Django Frontend Skeleton is a basic Django template skeleton built on HTML5 Boilerplate and Twitter Bootstrap. With the convenience of an installable Django application, create custom templates built on top of one of the most well-known, widespread templates (HTML5 Boilerplate) and a robust front-end framework (Twitter Bootstrap.)

Snippet Sunday – Sass Mixins

Sans explanation, these are a few mixins that I’ve used on a couple of recent projects:

Lie to me

Of all the lies we tell throughout our lives, whether they be little white lies or the life-altering-spiral-out-of-control type, the people we lie to the most is ourselves.

Practically Sass-y: CSS Sprites

Sometimes I can end up being a little too dogmatic when I approach building new designs, especially when I become overly focused in certain areas. Recently, I became a little obsessed with reducing HTTP requests and page weight while implementing a cool, new design.

Gettin’ Sass-y

At OME, I’ve been pushing Sass for a while. Recently, I asked some local web developers/designers on Twitter whether or not they use Sass. All of them said no. A few of them said they wanted to try it, but just hadn’t yet. Others were reluctant to add a pre-processor to their workflow. All of their reasons are understandable, but here’s why they (and you) should consider adding it to their workflow.

Why I nearly always underrate titles on Netflix

I was definitely late to the DVD-by-mail game, but when I finally decided to take the plunge I chose Blockbuster because (at the time) it offered the best deal for me. Streaming selection on both Netflix and Blockbuster was practically nonexistent, but Blockbuster’s ability to trade at the store won me over. Eventually things changed and I switched to Netflix. One of the first things I immediately disliked about the switch was the rating system.

Konnichiwa, bitches

Although my traveling to non-English speaking countries is limited, I’ve noticed that being able to say a few key phrases can go a long way. When I was in the Philippines I started compiling a list of those phrases in several different languages – mainly in languages of countries that I aspire to visit. Like too many things that I start, the idea was an obsession for a short while and then sat unfinished. Well, it’s time that I finished it.

It’s pronounced chi-POHT-lay

It was only the first Friday in the month that I claimed I wouldn’t eat out for lunch, but there I was, sitting at the Chipotle counter happily eating my barbacoa burrito (which I could barely finish for some reason). At least I have a legitimate excuse, or at least a personally-justifiable one, for not driving home for lunch – my truck was in the shop. Impending $300 windshield replacement cost and my false claims aside, the point is that Chipotle Mexican Grill is fucking magnificent.