About that time

Today is Friday, and normally that is enough to celebrate, but it also means that my Rotary GSE trip to the Philippines is right around the corner. As a matter of fact, it also means that I will be off from work until April 7, after today of course. A much needed break indeed.

We are leaving this upcoming Wednesday, March 4, but I still have a lot to do before then – including packing. I’m not looking forward to packing, because more often than not I over pack. Over packing for a week-long trip is bad enough, let alone a month-long trip.

We’re told to bring only a week’s worth of clothes; mainly so we don’t have to drag around various suitcases when we change host families. Bringing only a week’s worth of clothes is going to be a challenge for an over packer like myself. The majority of the clothes that I will be bringing are actually Rotary affiliated (polo, button down, blazer, etc.) so that does take some of the guesswork out of packing. I also have to make room in my suitcase for the host family gifts (I’ve never bought this much stuff about Kansas or K-State before), which will take a fair bit of space.

To wrap my head around where we are actually going, I created a “my maps” using Google Maps. I don’t think that it is completely accurate, but it gave me a much better idea of what to expect. Along with the locations, the map includes a little bit of our schedule.

I’m pretty excited that the time has almost come, and I am sure the rest of the team is as well.