Project Postcard

Unable to sleep, a restless mind with fresh typographic knowledge came up with a new project. A project – entitltedly titled – Project Postcard.

The synopsis of the project is simple; I’m going to send handwritten postcards to important people in my life outside of Manhattan (sorry Manhattan friends.)

Why? I guess the retort of why not might be too snarky here. I had the idea originally when I received a handwritten postcard of NYC from SassConf. It was pretty cool to receive such a personal touch from a conference, and of course they were quite unaware that Manhattan, Kansas, was an actual place. I planned on sending them a postcard of the lesser-known Manhattan, but that never actually materialized…until now.

I’ve also been increasingly more interested in sending personal, handwritten notes to people, which is odd considering I fucking hate cards. I guess I’m tired of the more impersonal texts, Facebook messages and their ilk. Fuck, does that make me a hipster? I have been wearing a lot of plaid lately.

I used to love having pen pals as a kid, and my handwriting has become almost unreadable in its obsoleteness.

So friends, if I happen to ask you for your mailing address, despite our lack of recent contact, feel special, that means you’re important to me. Everybody else will just have to wait by the mailbox to find out if they’re included.