They’re just words

Words are hard. They have multiple meanings – by definition and perception. I’ve never been a fan of modifier words when it comes to work – small, simple, easy, just, etc. Unless you’re also an subject-area expert, your modifier may be wrong, at best, or offensive, at worst. They’re more than just words.

Project Postcard

Unable to sleep, a restless mind with fresh typographic knowledge came up with a new project. A project – entitltedly titled – Project Postcard. The synopsis of the project is simple; I’m going to send handwritten postcards to some important people in my life outside of Manhattan (sorry Manhattan friends.)

Oh, college

You so silly. I was going through the ol’ lappy top and found some stories from my college creative writing class. Some of them are just writing exercises, while others are full-fledged short stories.

Smelly cat

I need to get something off my, umm, feet. I would warn this post could possibly be too much information (TMI), but to warn of something being TMI on a personal website is a bit ridiculous. It’s certainly personal and informational, whether or not it’s too much is up to you. With that being said, I have a problem, a rather embarrassing problem, a body image problem – my feet stink (or at least I think they do)!

30 @ 30

Remember that show 30 Days? It was created by Morgan Spurlock, the dude who made Supersize Me. Well, this is a blatant ripoff of that, minus the cameras, post production, any sort of notoriety, or the enlightenment of others. But yeah, pretty much exactly the same. The premise is simple, I’m going to do (or not do) something for 30 consecutive days.

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